The PHIIRE (Population Health Informatics Innovation, Research, and Education) Club is a new student-led initiative at the CUNY SPH run by students in the MS Population Health Informatics Program. This is a group of passionate, driven, and committed students who have a shared interest in bringing the informatics field to the forefront starting in an academic setting.

Mission Statement

The mission of the PHIIRE Club is to equip future public health professionals and leaders with the knowledge to address 21st-century challenges in Urban communities and beyond.


Its purpose is to form a coalition whereby graduate students can share ideas and facilitate the exchange of knowledge, information, and resources to advance the efforts being made in the field of population health informatics. Additionally, giving the students a platform to continue pursuing a career and developing their interest in the public health domain.

Fall 2021 PHIIRE Executive Committee

Erica-Rowe Owen

Erica Rowe-Owen is serving as the President of the PHIRE organization. She is currently enrolled in the MS Population Health Informatics Program and is expected to graduate in Fall 2021. By enrolling in the MS program and leading the PHIIRE organization, her goal is to learn the skill of building and using dashboards of student data to provide population-based health care to the entire college community as the Operation Program Coordinator for the Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP) at Bronx Community College.

Sadaf Ahmad

Sadaf Ahmad is serving as the Treasurer of the PHIIRE organization. She believes this club is an initiative to invite more people into the realm of informatics where providing quality and relevant data for the users is of utmost importance. She cites the population health informatic courses as insightful since they emphasize the importance of health literacy and how data can be converted into useful and targeted information for consumers.

Kiyante Beaugris

Kiyante Beaugris is serving as the Secretary of the PHIIRE organization. She aims to utilize the knowledge gained in the MS Population Health Informatics program and her experience in the PHIIRE Club as a bridge, that along with her background in nursing, can facilitate to better health outcomes on a larger scale. She hopes to someday make significant strides in the effort to reduce mistrust in healthcare among minorities, and furthermore, to facilitate acceptance of the vaccination process within this same population.

Rafaela Villacres, MS
Alumni Ambassador   

Rafaela Villacres is serving as an alumni ambassador for the PHIIRE and Population Health Informatics Program at CUNY SPH. She founded the PHIIRE Club to increase student interest, engagement, and opportunities in the field of population health informatics. She hopes that the PHIIRE organization can become the model platform in supporting student ideas and business ventures in an academic setting.

Upcoming Club Events

Looking to Join!

If you are interested in being part of a graduate student organization that empowers its members to think innovatively while leveraging the cross-sections of information science, technology, and public health, please contact erica.rowe-owen66@sphmail.cuny.edu. You can also fill out our recruitment form below!      https://cunysph.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_bd8usUwR11XZKES


Please stay tuned for PHIIRE updates!!